Before we look into different types of amusement, first let us define what entertainment is. Entertainment is any kind of activity that offers amusement for people in a passive manner, other interesting activities that involve engaging are considered hobbies or diversion.

There are various kinds of amusement for specific tastes, for example we have theatre, theater, sports, games, social dancing, concert, comedy shows, cartoons, impressionists, clowns and the list goes on and on.
These form of entertainment can than be broken into groups according to the age and interest of these people being amused. For example we have kid, adult, live action, corporate and public entertainment. In this article we’ll give a brief explanation for some of those kinds.
Child Entertainment
Children have to be entertained and a few occasions the entertainer or the entertainment agency should find a balance between mental and physical pursuits. Clowns, puppets, pantomimes and cartoons tend to appeal to children, though mature might find it enjoyable too.
Adult Entertainment
Adult Entertainment many times is related to the sex industry, but this form of entertainment can not be related only with all the sex industry and its branches.
Live Entertainment
This form of entertainment is broadened to all ages as there are many different actions that can labelled as live entertainment. For example music concerts, live TV shows, live sports, theaters and any other action that you could think of that is aimed to amuse people.
Reggae/Dancehall among those forms of entertainment that have grown the most, as a result of the economic downturn. When you walk around any major city around Europe you will observe a wide range of public entertainers working for almost any quantity of money the public decides to give them. There are public entertainers of all sorts from mimes to Peruvian Flute circles all functioning together with the uncertainty of just how much money they will make, that is why they tend to be more common in major cities where there are tourists.