With the rising demand for amusement, the joy could not just be sufficed to film and TV shows.
Thank WEB SERIES FESTIVAL GLOBAL , Glory Internet along with your beautiful invention called”Web Series.”
In the past couple (but exceptional) decades, the web series has come a long way. You have critically acclaimed series online; you have stars making a look - all of which have raised awareness, utmost keen and joy amongst the bulk.
These are a few unbelievable online webisodes capturing the hearts of many and providing the voice to everyone. The following are the best of them. (Disagree?

S.O.S: Save Our Skins
After they arrive in town , they wake up to discover just to discover they are the only two people left on Earth. The show boasts of humor, sci-fi not to mention terror. With just 13 episodes it’s gained a respectable number of viewers and took home the award for the Best British Series at Raindance Web Fest this past year.

C’mon, we’d be causing major heartbreak if we did not mention this epic act comedy webseries. The idea is set in the near future and tells us the experience of the protagonist, a gamer, Brian Doheny (Josh Playlock) in VGHS, an elite centre that’s dedicated to teach a program of video games, just video games. Can we hear you go Woaahhhh!? The series is produced by Freddie Wong’s RocketJump Studios.
Sad Motivator
What is this for a premise? A man is going through a bad break, the situation is worse already, along with also a creepy, globular green and murderous friend, Mark looks (those dance devil on the shoulder kind ) and whispers sweet perversion into the former ears. While Kevin makes motions ex girlfriend’s roommate, his so called acting guidance eggs him with menacing commentary. Too intense? Creepy? Exciting? However you feel about this psychological thriller, it has garnered a maximum majority of dread lovers
F to 7th
The brain behind this critically acclaimed show, Ingrid Jungermann is a known face in the entertainment industry with her dynamic first attempt’The Slope.’ Jungermann writes, directs and stars in this critically acclaimed show that explores the life span of a gay woman fighting to find her identity in today’s world. The series portrays the insecurities of a middle aged lesbian in a persuasive yet humorous way. With popular titles such as Kristen Connolly (House of Cards) as guest stars and financed by the Spike Lee Production Award, we may safely assume the next season will probably be up around the middle of the year.